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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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Dream Supplement for Bodybuilders

It is the dream of every bodybuilder to have a perfect body, well-toned muscles and a masculine figure but only those get to enjoy who work really hard for such pronounced effects. The only way they can get to achieve such goals is either by following years of strict exercise routine and diet or by taking the help of supplements. But while using drugs and other steroids they must be well informed about their usage, dosage and side effects in order to avoid any serious complications. A popular anabolic steroid which is making the rounds in the market is Dianabol, which is known to be quite effective in increasing the body mass and aid in building well-toned muscles. This works on various processes of the body simultaneously and helps to reduce fat, increase strength and improve muscle building.

Effect on Human Reproductive System

This muscle boosting supplement has moderate to high side effects if proper dosage levels are not followed. Some common problems which might occur are oily skin, acne, growth of body hair and increase in male baldness. In case of this supplement a dosage cycle for a month to six weeks is followed generally but some mass gainers may increase the dosage levels for faster results. For men, testosterone is very important to burn the excess fat and build muscle. However, excess testosterone levels are undesirable as it might get converted in to estrogen later when not required, whose effect is just the opposite to that of testosterone. Estrogen is also known to create fatigue, increase fat reduction and cause loss in the tone of muscles. It might also lead to prostate gland enlargement and result in loss of libido. Therefore users of this steroid might need the help of estrogen blocker or anti-estrogen.

Legal status of this anabolic drug

Pharmaceutical companies have stopped the active production of this supplement, but underground research labs still continue to produce such steroid because of its heavy demand in the world of bodybuilding. It is believed by many that this is a supplement for men because of its heavy side effects, but nowadays many women also take the help of this anabolic steroid. The main reason for its popularity in the market is because it is available in oral form which is very much preferred by new user as they are reluctant to take injectable compounds. It also has a low manufacturing cost as compared to similar other anabolic drugs in the market and most importantly it provides fast and effective results as far as muscle building and mass gaining is concerned.

Some general recommendations

You should always ensure that you follow the proper directions for using this supplement because an overdose can lead to the increase in estrogen levels which might give negative results. Follow the much preferred cycle for a month to six weeks at appropriate dosage levels to avoid any serious complications. Excess levels of this drug can lead to weight gains and water retention in the body which might result in bloating of body parts.

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