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Sunday , February 25 2018
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Do you know these most expensive cakes of the world?

Cake – the amalgamation of flour, sugar, eggs, milk, butter, and flavors makes up one of the best kind of desserts for us. In all those happy moments like birthdays or anniversaries, or marriage, a cake gives the complete look. But, do you know, there are many rich people all around the world and they love to splurge their money like crazy way and give us some reason to envy them? Why am I saying so? Because I have a list of cakes which are touted to be the most expensive ones in their times. These people are definitely the lucky people on this earth who could get those kind of cakes made for themselves and stun the whole world. Let’s all have an imaginary taste of these cakes.

A Wedding Cake costing $20,000 for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

In Indian money, this is a cake worth INR. 1360200.00. Your eyes may bulge out just like mine. It’s said that Kim was too impressed by the royal wedding of Prince Williams and wanted to replicate her marriage in his footsteps. In October of 2011, she got married to Kris Humphries among many celebrities and the cake served was really eyeball-grabbing. The cake was 8 feet tall and has 600 pounds of chocolate chips. The creator was Patrick Hanson who was thanked for designing such an amazing cake. Just guess how long did this cake last? Well, it fed people for 72 long days which means 2 months and 12 days. Calculating in our standard, it is INR. 18891 per day of eating cakes.

A Swarovski Crystal Cake costing $32,000 for Sex and the City 2

Who doesn’t know the famous TV series turned movie Sex and the City? Anyone who has once seen it became a fan of the franchise. It was Sex and the City 2 movie for which a giant five tier cake was created. The designer for this cake was Ron Ben-Israel who made a 6 feet tall cake that was beautified with 4000 Swarovski crystals. Take a look of the cake and you cannot distinguish it from a chandelier. It is justifiably worth INR 2176320.00. Some people are so rich that they don’t even leave a cake to be decorated with jewels and priceless stones.

The giant wedding cake costing $40,000 for Princess Diana
It was the wedding of Princess Diana, the world’s most beautiful woman till date. Well, the cake wan not as beautiful as Madame Royale. Because no other thing in this world can be distinguished with the pure beauty of this woman. I guess it was the most memorable and most talked about events of the 80’s and till today no one can actually match the royal standard of this wedding. The whole wedding event was televised and watched by billions all over the world. Imagine what was 40,000 dollars at least three and a half decades ago? And believe it, till today few slices of that giant wedding cake is preserved and auctioned for 2000 dollars per piece.

Even as a gift, there is no competition to cakes. You can get the cake delivery in USA to greet your best friend or relative staying there. Now tell me, how can you spend for a cake? Any rational person would get a cake in its standard market price.

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