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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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Considerations for Selecting New Office Designs

Whether your company is moving to a new location or just wants to update its offices, you will need to choose a new office design. While the fit-out company you hire can help you by creating designs for the space the company will occupy, the final decision will ultimately be left up to you and the team chosen by your company. Here are five tips for choosing the best office design for your company’s needs.

Consider Privacy Needs

The industry your company is in will help determine what type of privacy needs your employees may have. For instance, if you work in law or accounting, then some employees will need private offices so they can meet with clients and lock up sensitive information at the end of the day. However, many employees can work in offices with an open space design if they do not come face-to-face with clients or handle sensitive information.

Is Tradition Necessary?

The industry your business is in can have an impact on the décor of your offices. If your company is in accounting, law, or insurance, then you may wish to select a traditional office design to meet your clients’ expectations and maintain their trust in your abilities. However, if your company is in a more creative industry, such as marketing, technology, or graphic design, then you will want a design and décor which inspires your staff.

Consider Staff Needs

If you have employees who are on the road quite a bit, such as salespeople or district managers, then you may need space for teleworkers to set up shop. While they won’t need an assigned workstation most of the time, there should be an area in the office where they can work when they need to be in the office. This area should be reserved for them and not considered part of the regular workspace, however, it could be used by employees who temporarily need a quiet area to concentrate on their projects.

What Is the Space Size?

You will want to contact fit-out companies who can design office spaces of any size to fit your company’s needs. If your company is downsizing its offices, then you may need more shared work areas or pods where employees from the same department work together. If you’re moving to larger accommodations because offices are being consolidated in one location, then the design may need to include an open office space, private executive offices, meeting rooms, and break areas as well.

Bring in Natural Elements

When considering office designs, choose those which bring natural elements into the offices, as they can improve employees’ health and boost productivity. Ask about bringing in more natural light to help employees work, add natural foliage to oxygenate the offices, and consider adding fish tanks to the break areas to help employees relax and lower their stress levels.

By considering these elements of office design, you should be able to select one which works for your company’s needs and helps to boost both morale and productivity among your employees.

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