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Sunday , February 25 2018
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Chemical Manufacturer Technology Trends for 2017

Chemical manufacturers are accountable for transforming raw materials, including oil, water, air, natural gas, metals, and nutrients into thousands of products for their clients. As the interest in chemical manufacturing is steadily increasing across the commercial sector, organisations are looking to innovative production methods to improve circulation and sales. This article outlines three new technologies that are already seeing investment in 2017 by the major chemical manufacturers.

Continued Investment in Automation and Information Technology

International companies have invested billions in automation and information technology over the last decade to improve efficiency, reduce overheads and increase stability in the chemical manufacturing industry. One particular technological development is machinery, tools and components which are equipped with digital analytics to indicate performance measurements to engineers. Many chemical manufacturing organisations run multiple processes in several places around the world, which makes it hard to collaborate and run efficiently as one cohesive unit.

Therefore, with real-time analytics and mobile technology, these organisations hope to improve communication and team cooperation, access to statistics and information, and enhanced responsiveness. There has also been an investment in technology and flexibility to improve internal processes, from supply chain operations, manufacturing procedures and human resource management.

3D Printing Will Drive The Way Raw Materials Are Transformed

3D printing has been a trending technological idea in the production industry for the last couple years but has started to make a significant impact in the chemical manufacturing field. In a 2015 report from Science Journal, chemists from the University of Illinois launched initial specifications for a 3D printer that may methodically synthesise thousands of substances and raw materials to develop consumer products.

3D printing in chemical manufacturing could allow production teams the ability to make custom parts rapidly and efficiently, without having to wait for a part to be sent or developed from another producer. This new technology may be a cost-effective option for organisations that produce custom-built lab containers that test complex chemical reactions. This isn’t just a cheaper choice for a chemical manufacturer but simplifies the procedure for chemical synthesis.

Real Time Data Analysis in Chemical Processing

Based on a 2016 report from the American Chemistry Council, 96 percent of all manufactured goods are directly made by the chemical industry. The vast majority of that commodity includes artificial fibres, technology, food packaging, medication, aerospace equipment, and automotive components. These chemical producers are required to develop large quantities of products very quickly to meet business requirements, but they must be capable of doing that while determining quality product deviations.

Chemical manufacturing companies are turning to flexibility in their suppliers and have real-time access to the statistics and information they need to keep an eye on production, quality issues and minimise delays/downtime. KPI dashboards on mobile devices are providing chemical manufacturers with the info they need in real time, enabling fast and precise solutions to better manage issues.

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