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Factors to Consider when Buying Second to Die Insurance

Commonly known as survivorship insurance, joint insurance or last to die insurance, second to die life insurance provides a type of life insurance policy that is an appealing and affordable option worth considering for estate planning. Second to die life insurance consists of coverage for two individuals and pays out …

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Things to understand about stocks and shares before investing

There are people who start trading without any idea about the world economy or even Indian economy. As a result, they suffer losses while trading. But this condition can be changed if a person can clearly understand the processes and aspects of economy related to stock trading. If a person …

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Walter Viola On Tips To Succeed As An Entrepreneur

Walter Viola feels that some tips are needed to succeed as an entrepreneur and one should go through the tips to gain mastery over entrepreneurship. Some soft skills are needed to succeed in every business, and as an entrepreneur, one should require more soft skills. Walter Viola on getting the …

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Akanksha Sharma, Ex Bigg Boss Contestant goes dirty against Yuvraj and his Family over “Harassment “claims

Things may not be going right for Our very own sixer king Yuvraj singh on the field but the recent allegations by his ex bhabhi Akansha Sharma on him and his family for Domestic violence, adds on to his off field troubles too.Akansha Sharma,ex big boss contestant and former wife …

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Some Tips for Handling your Employees Business Travel Expenses

In the corporate environment, however, the traveller is only part of the association. As a manager directing employees that travel for your business, there’s a lot you can do to soaring productivity, reduce spending, and help both your employees and your business grow vigorously. There are really intelligible financial and …

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The Benefits of Hiring Divorce Professionals

Divorce can be a relatively complicated issue that might be made simple through the utilization of a divorce lawyer. Many individuals who have endured a divorce have the capability of attesting to the fact that the process is extremely difficult and could lead to various challenges. You can go through …

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The importance of a full marketing campaign

The modern world is extremely hectic and there is no way to deny that things can easily escalate to a completely new level of competition.This means that even the biggest brands in the world are now in a constant struggle to maintain their branding exposure to the highest level and …

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Can Older Projects Benefit from Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016?

In India, real estate has been a thriving business for many years. Despite being an important sector of the economy, the lack of a regulating body has given rise to corruption, unaccountability and fraudulent schemes. The last few years, specifically saw an alarming rise in unethical practices. In March 2016, …

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How Living in Luxury Apartment is a Key to Happiness

When it comes to buying a home, you come across plenty of options like villas, lofts, studio apartments, luxury apartments, and much more. There are lots of factors to consider when you have to buy a new home like location, price, amenities, etc. Nowadays, people prefer to buy the luxury …

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