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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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Cat boarding: Hands of Professional Care to Your Cats

Cat boarding is a service that offers temporary shelter to cats, particularly in the absence of their owners, for long or short time period. These boarding services are provided by the licensed and suitably equipped facilities under the proper supervision of veterinary professionals. Such boarding premises are also known as kennels.

All kennels are entirely regulated and are bound to follow some government legislation to protect customer as well as pet’s rights. Such facilities are very well constructed to cater separate and group shed for cats. Cat boarding services can be attained on temporary basis against the exchange of fee, set by the organization. Boarding facilities for cats has largely augmented as a substitute to a pet sitter. However, boarding a cat is also backed up by a stress of putting them in completely strange environment and with unfamiliar pets. Here the skilled kennel staff plays a significant role in eliminating such stress from a pet and making them feel like home.

As being in large numbers, kennels or boarding houses use to provide different sort of services to their clients. Like many of the boarding services offers facility of spending some time to play with cats so that they can come out from the kennel environment for a time being. Many of them also ask for familiar things to the pet such as their meal bowl, toys and blanket so that they can feel their belongings near to them. Few of them also proffer training and grooming services as a complementary to their clients in a way to beat the completion as well at their own front. According to an authentic survey, made in the year of 2007, people of America spend $3 billion on boarding services. Whereas, according to the same study, it has been found that, cat owners had spent $149 average amount annually on attaining boarding services individually.

Advantages of cat boarding facilities:

  1. Professional staff can take better care of a pet, sometimes even better than home when there is some sort of emergency like medication and treatment.
  2. People also prefer to leave their cats at boarding in their absence to be cared well as these facilities are associated with skilled care takers who knows their job of administering and feeding the pets.
  3. In case of pets which are under any kind of medication and especially in the mean time of owners absence, kennel is the most preferred and rational decision to be implemented.
  4. In the absence of owner, it is very hard to feed pets with warmth and affection. Thus professionals at the boarding center also treat cats in accordance to the situation and feed their owners would.
  5. The proper schedule can be given as a instruction to the kennel care taker or administration regarding your pet so that they can feed and administer them according to their daily routine.
  6. Surrendering to an efficient kennel, ensures their owner of not fleeing away their cats on the streets or someplace else than their premises.
  7. These services are economic in nature and worthy to be considered. Kennel services are so affordable that it can be attained by anyone without altering their regular expenses.
  8. Various package-oriented tariffs are also available at most pet boarding premises, which covers a vast range of services, which clients wants for their cats in their absence.

The boarding services for cats are in real means dedicated to the care taking of loving cats in the absence of their owner, which cannot be considered as less than any sacred social services served to the dumb breathers.

Hope the above mentioned details help you to find the cat boarding!!! Keep in touch to get further essential information about cattery.

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