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Thursday , January 18 2018

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Car lovers Paradise: The 2018 world

Revolution in the auto industry is the story that every one of us talking about. This revolution is driven by customer needs tastes that come every day. That is why leading automakers and sellers are running to make smarter and fuel-efficient cars for customers in the market worldwide.

Development of cars came quickly, and most excellent features like airbags were released to the public. Because these are standard features in every car today, developers are searching best ways to improve the newer models and keep as smart as possible. Below are the improvements that are yet to come in 2018. If you happen to see these changes in your car, note that you are ahead by one year.

  • Smart Headlights

In most cases, we have seen many drivers who forget to turn on their lights at night. This poses a danger for all road users. Professionals in the automotive industry are aiming at inventing automatic, headlights; these lights are loaded with high-tech features that have improved nighttime safety and even further. The lights can detect and go on as soon as you enter any dark environment.

  • Self-directed car

Some of you may say that this is not possible. By 2020, we expect cars that can go on their own. Currently, this is possible only in rural areas that have fewer people and vehicles on the road. But with technological advancement, this will spread to urban sectors that are crowed. To The action will be aided by:

Collision Warning devices

Every car developer fears that it will corrode with other cars or hit people. Cars with collision warning devices will help the car detect when it is close to a person or an object. Like a bat that moves in the dark, these self-directed cars will go to whichever direction they like. The same knowledge used by bats will be used in these smart cars. If the vehicle detects an object near, it will automatically steer and go to the correct lane or just slow down for some time

Smart Parking assistance

This is technology that can help a car detect the proximity of cars around it. The car will have sensors on the sides and a rearview camera that is attached to a computer. The can will park do all the work of parking by using the above technology. That is just a fraction of what this technology will do to this advancing car industry.

Drowsiness Detection in the adjacent cars

This feature will allow the vehicle to detect any sign of unusual activates from the drivers of the next vehicles. That will include accelerations, decelerations and tire pressure monitoring. The car will alert this driver to pull over and check any problem that may likely to happen.

  • Biometric car Access

Cell phone and laptop were the first one to come with this technology. The coming innovation is aiming at cars. With your sound, you will direct your car to any direction you like. What you need are the instructions to give it. Your seat, you can instruct the car to pull over, accelerate and even put on headlights. In addition to that, you will no longer need a car key. Any part of your body can be used in turning on the car. Ranging from fingerprints to your eye retina, you have a wide range to pick from.

The above advancements and improvements come with many benefits and advantages to the user and the car. More benefits are directed to the car.

Below are some benefits of self-directed cars.

  1. They are durable

Due to their mode of cautiousness on the road, these cars will always take care of everything. Fuel efficiency, moderate speed, and high performance are some of the things that these cars will do. This means that the car is not likely to break down at any instance. This car will be in good condition at all times.

  1. They act as assistant drivers

These cars will help you do your work. Instead of driving, you will be a passenger. This will be the best for virtual assistants who you their computers whenever they go. The best example of a car that does this is Tesla Auto 3. This type car model will soon spread to the all corners of the world.

  1. They are effective

With the emergence of smart cars, things will be easy. If you forget to pick your kids from schools, you will send your car, and all will be done. This means that we will change the way we live and work too. This technology will allow us to spend much time doing our work instead of driving.

  1. These cars come with more safety features

Unlike a human being, these cars will never drink and driver as many people do. In fact, it will always be in good condition at all times. And if you fall sick, the car can take you to the hospital for treatment. With sickness detecting feature, the car will even assist the people to lack access to ambulances.

  1. With smart cars, you will have no police case

In most cases when driving, we forget to do a basic thing which leads us to police custody. But with these self-driven cars, all those things are out. These cars will do anything that is required at the right time. For instance, there is no way your car will forget to indicate that it is changing lanes. With your car, you will always be safe. Even if you need to keep your car fit at all times, the benefits of using will be more.


Manual cars are coming to extinct. If you want to keep your old car, soon you will even lack spare parts to fix your broken car. This improved technology is spreading at a high rate, and every car industry is adapting it. Most carmakers are also aiming at making pollution-free cars which are clean. So it is time you also accept the change that will come soon.

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