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Tuesday , January 16 2018

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Can I use insect killers during my pregnancy?

Most insect killers are safe to use even during pregnancy and lactation. The alternative is to get let pests get the run of your home and endanger you.

As an expectant mother, you are doubly careful of what you eat, the medicines you take and even the clothes you wear, so that you do not cause any harm to your baby’s wellbeing.

But while you take care of your health – and so, the health of your unborn baby – how safe are your surroundings? Your home and workplace are critical areas of use during the nine months of your pregnancy. As the pregnancy wears on, you will spend more and more time indoors than on your feet, and so, these indoor spaces must be as free from insect infestation as possible.

Insect infestations are dangerous

Not only are insects unwelcome intruders inside our homes, they tend to leave disease and disquiet everywhere. The worst part is that one type of insect follows another inside a habitable space, thus creating a veritable insect colony comprising different creepy crawlies. Ants and spiders are normally followed by cockroaches, which are then followed by geckos. Depending on the climate, flies and mosquitoes may also make an appearance.

These insects contaminate the surfaces and food stuffs they come into contact with. Cockroaches and flies are particularly guilty of contaminating exposed food and beverages – ingesting these can cause digestive upsets and a variety of infections. Mosquitoes can cause dengue and malaria, and treating these becomes difficult for pregnant women because the medicines they take have a direct impact on their baby’s health.

A thorough sanitising check is needed to flush out the corners that these insects hide in and make their homes. Once these spots are identified, the insects’ entry can be barred for a long time.

But can I use insect killer to clear the indoors?

Most pregnant women are sceptical about using chemicals to clean and fumigate the indoor areas of their use. But there is no cause for alarm when using insect killers from reputed brands, provided they are used as directed. When using aerosol insect killer sprays, it is better to stay out of the line of the spray and out of the room for at least 15 minutes. You can also use electrical insect killers that provide vaporising action to kill mosquitoes and flies.

If you are worried about the insect killer harming your baby, you can get a doctor’s clearance for the product you intend to use. You may be susceptible to respiratory disorders (which may flare up during pregnancy) and hence, resistant to the idea of aerosol sprays. In this case, you can get a gel-based pest control treatment done in the house (make sure you stay away from the area for at least 24 hours) and use a mosquito repellent cream on your skin.

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