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Sunday , February 25 2018
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Budget Wedding Venue Ideas

It cannot be overlooked that the average cost of a wedding in our country is rising year by year. However, if you are planning your special day, don’t let this fact deter you!

All it takes is to be creative and think ahead in order to save as much with your wedding venue. A wedding venue (e.g. )can be a number of things, but for the majority of weddings it means a place for ceremony and a location for the reception. Finding the right wedding venue will make planning the rest of your wedding easier, since everything depends on the venue. The right venue allows youto take advantage of the wedding photography opportunities there.

Here are some effective tips of how to reduce your wedding venue expenses.

For one, don’t get married on a Saturday. Yes, you hear that right. We know that Saturday is the most common day to get married since it is the most convenient, customary and traditional day to hold the ceremony. And, because of that fact, it is also the most expensive day in the week since most venues will charge you up to 50% extra for that benefit. You can use the extra budget to hire a professional to take your wedding photos. On the other hand, if you fill a venue on a less popular day, say Saturday or Friday, the venue might even give you a hefty discount, think about that!

This one goes without saying, but you need to keep a clear head and sort out your priorities. What will you focus on, the location or the service? Is the view or food more important? If you do not have a clear picture of what you need, then you will spend extra money on things that will not have a clear effect. Of course, most people would suggest a top venue with both a great view and great staff, but you must be cautious nonetheless, so make sure to leave an opportunity for wedding photography.

Another way to save money is to opt for a non-traditional wedding venue. This is the moment when you get creative and consider something less popular such as a art gallery, public park or even pub! These places do not usually hold weddings and will not charge an outrageous price for it. This is even better if you opt for such a venue in a small town instead of a big city, as you might get deals that would benefit your frugal mindset. These places also provide you with a perfect venue for wedding photography.

This point combines cost-effectiveness and convenience, namely you could choose one wedding venue instead of two! This means that both the ceremony and receptions will be billed under a discounted price and it is easy to do because many venues, such as churches have a hall for such occasions. Also, guests love it when they do not have to go through the bother, and possible traffic congestion driving from the ceremony to the reception leaving you more time for eventual wedding photography.

Early birds listen up, you could have a morning wedding! This might be a bit tricky for the bride to get ready or getting everyone together in time, but the savings are great. Serving brunch is much cheaper than serving a wedding dinner and you will have more time to spend with your spouse during the rest of the day. This means you will have more time and money for events such as wedding photography.

We hope that these tips helped you think outside the box and that you will save up money for the future, or you might just splurge on a better honeymoon with full inclusive wedding photography In any case good luck!

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