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Thursday , January 18 2018

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Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Pearl Set

You know that gorgeous looking set of pearls that your daughter gifted you on your birthday? Or the one that your loving husband gifted on your anniversary? Or perhaps, the one that you bought for yourself with your first bonus cheque? If you own a set made of these magnificent beauties you will be well aware of the fact that they require certain care to retain their brilliance. If you are looking for ways to ensure that your pearls stay as good looking as they are today for many more years to come, read on these tips:

  • Stay clear of any abrasive materials like scouring pad or toothbrush to clean your pearls. Even those products labelled as ‘gentle, or ‘non-stick’ can reduce the lustre of your pearls.
  • Products containing ammonia, vinegar or chlorine bleach should never be used to clean your pearl set.
  • Cleaning your pearls with water and soap is as simple as it is safe. However, do not use detergent with water as detergent is stronger and may harm the pearls.
  • Avoid any exposure to bleaches, baking soda, detergents or any other strong cleansers.
  • Many people suggest steam cleaning your pearls. But, you must avoid using this technique.
  • Do not use any ultrasonic cleaners for pearls.
  • Do not put your pearls in a plastic bag as the chemicals from the plastic can negatively affect the surface of the pearls.
  • Keep your pearls wrapped in a soft cloth to protect it from any abrasive materials which could scar the surface.
  • Avoid keeping your pearls, even for a short duration, near any source of heat such as the stove or fireplace.
  • Let your pearls be the last thing that you wear before heading out and the first thing you remove when you get back home. This practice reduces the chance of any abrasive material harming the pearls or any other untoward incident. You can follow this rule even for your other jewellery.
  • To keep the pearls clean, simply moisten a soft cloth and wipe the surface gently.
  • In case anything spills on your pearls, soak them in lukewarm water mixed with gentle, natural soap. Rinse thoroughly and wrap in a soft cotton cloth to dry. This may seem counterintuitive at first, but wear them soon after cleaning to return some of the essential oils that your skin provides to the pearls.
  • Do not wear pearls while doing any strenuous activity like jogging, running or exercising. The pH balance in the sweat can harm the pearls.
  • Avoid wearing sweaters made of Shetland wool as they can abrade the surface of the pearls.
  • Pearls are beauties from the sea. Never keep them locked away for long. Expose them to some amount of air moisture so that they do not dry out.
  • If you are re-applying perfume or hairspray, ensure that you remove your pearls first.

Do not fall prey to the various advertisements that promote a “magic cleaner” or anything of that sort. Stick to these simple tips, and you will have your beautiful pearls for eternity!

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