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Sunday , February 25 2018
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Benefits Of Cloud App Security Measures In Enterprise & App Development Environments

There are many benefits of migrating your apps to the cloud. It helps in reducing your costs, speeds up the time to market, and improves scalability. Despite all these advantages, Cloud App Security has been a concern for many organizations.

Security Challenge

More and more organizations and application providers are moving customer/employee apps to datacenter. At the same time everyone is concerned about protecting their users and data.

Enterprise App Solutions

Cloud apps provide higher levels of scalability and agility for enterprises. They are able to get immediate response to user needs and performance demands. Such apps help your organization and employees in improving productivity and building better partnership between customers, vendors and partners.

But there are always chances of security problems with cloud apps. You have to protect:

  • Sensitive data
  • Personal info
  • Intellectual property

All this data can be of big concern when it is stored in the cloud and could even raise legal issues if they are compromised. Sometimes, cloud apps could even open other avenues from which threats could enter your enterprise environment.

This is why enterprises need reliable security for their cloud applications. Such systems help you in making the most of the flexibility offered by these applications without the need to worry about the security risks. This can help in boosting your enterprise’s productivity, revenues and brand awareness.

Strong Authentication

Strong authentication helps in ensuring only authorized users are able to access applications and data. You can also set the security policies for data access. Identity Federation will enable you to secure and control across while offering a simple and unified user experience.

App Developer Solutions

More and more app developers are delivering customer-facing apps in the cloud. But the number of security risks are also increasing at the same rate. Some of the concerning points include:

  • Everyday more and more advanced security threats are targeting both mobile and web apps.
  • End users don’t want to deal with complex security threats.
  • The regulatory conditions keep changing almost every few months.

Even developers are mostly focused on the business aspects of apps. Their goal is to deliver better user experience. Security  of data, apps and transactions is not always on the top of their mind. But you cannot accord to ignore Cloud App Security.

There are reliable security solutions for apps in the cloud that make it effortless and quick to integrate security. You will be able to implement security measures instantly without wasting time and effort.

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