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Sunday , February 25 2018
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Awesome Gifts Every “Back to the Future” Fan Would Love

On October 21 2015, every single fan of the Back to the Future franchise went crazy! This was the day that marked the original film’s thirtieth anniversary and the day when Marty McFly arrived to the future during the second film of the trilogy. Due to that, the promo campaigns were extensive in October, peaking at the day the media named “The Back to the Future Day”. Also, a great deal of big international companies took part in this fiesta, so brands like Ford, Pepsi, Nintendo and Nike released their products featuring images from the movies. Obviously, real fans do not have to purchase expensive memorabilia, but even a small gift can be enough to show your fandom.

The Best BTTF Video Game

Adapting a popular movie franchise into a video game is not a new move – just remember Harry Potter– and The Lord of the Rings-inspired video games – and Back to the Future is no exception. The first title was released almost simultaneously with first movie back in 1985 and was available for Commodore 64. Newer games were updated and adapted for newer generations of computers, but October 2015 brought all BTTF fans a special treat.

Namely, Back to the Future: The Game is a title that has been present on the gaming scene since 2010 and developed with the assistance of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, and last year, we saw its updated version. You can play it on PS4 and Xbox One, and it successfully combines the excitement of the original game with new graphic features.

Awesome gifts every -Back to the Future- fan would love

The Best BTTF Vehicle

Knowing that the Back to the Future trilogy spans over half a century, the number of awesome cars featured in it is big and there is certainly something for everyone. Whether it is the DeLorean time machine or George McFly’s 1984 BMW 733i – each fan can pick their personal favorite. However, there is something that not many would pick, but what may easily be the most exciting method of transportation in the franchise.

That is, of course, Michael J. Fox’s hover board! Just picture yourself gliding through your town on this wheel-less skateboard and going from point A to point B faster than by car. Unfortunately, a hover board is still not possible to design and make, but you can try the Segway board, which is the next best thing. This two-wheeled vehicle is powered by electricity and will surely be something to look forward in the future.

The Best BTTF Study

Hollywood is not all about the movies any more, but it covers a much a larger portion of our lives. That is why movie tie-ins, studies and documentaries are almost expected from highest-grossing titles. And these items always prove to be ideal gifts for hard-core fans who always love discovering something new about their all-time favorite.

After an extensive research and a full insight into all three movies – and, most importantly, knowing all the things only real fan know – British authors associated with the British Film Institute, Andrew Shail and Robin Stoate, published a book titled Back to the Future (BFI Film Classics) in 2010. It examines not only the cultural aspects of the trilogy, but also how it portrayed our world from the 1880s to the 1950s and, ultimately, 2010s. It is an intriguing blend of expertise and fandom, and something that shows the BTTF fans what more they need to know.

Other Items

Some of the other gifts include BTTF pins and badges, T-shirts depicting movie characters and quotes, Gray’s Sports Almanac and, something that must not be avoided, Nike MAGs – futuristic shoes that look just like the ones seen in the movies.

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