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I am Monika. I’m a passionate blogger and a creative person. I possess a different outlook on every average topic. I started blogging as my passion and now it has become a full time work for me. I love writing on various niche like Technical, Food, Travel, Health and Photography. I just love expressing and writing about what I feel and learn in life.

What is a good SAT score? Your vade mecum to SAT 2018

When you appear for SAT exam, the most important aspect is your score. This determines your selection in the college. Whether you get admission in your dream college or not, everything is dependent on your score. Thus, it becomes important to analyze SAT scoring aspect so that you can obtain …

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How You Can Buy Custom Awnings

Purchasing on online is a spectacular help to customers since it brings down costs, removes deals assessment, and offers a considerably more broad determination. Buying retractable canopies online offers a similar thing: costs are around 35% lower than purchasing from a physical store, it is anything but difficult to buy …

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Is it safe to shop for watches online?

Shopping luxury watches online sanctions a customer to select from a large collection. Additionally, the customer gets an opportunity to notice all the accessible brands. Grandeur online watches are generally discounted letting the customer to save money. Most online companies use numerous policies to make sure that the customers are …

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Differences between Meiosis and Mitosis

If you study Biology, you may be familiar with cell reproduction. The cell reproduction is the natural process by passing the cells of an organism, which are divided, multiply and grow. This is how a child is produced from a sperm and an egg, or how a caterpillar becomes a …

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Things to consider when purchasing Engagement Rings

Whether you’re a lawfully detective or a hard-core romantic, an engagement ring buy will take you out of your comfort zone. The engagement ring buy interweaves pure emotion with plain ol’ possibility. You’re selecting a symbol of love and commitment for the woman who has changed your life. But you’re …

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Want to get your own ideas for childrens parties, then read on


Getting new ideas for childrens parties can sometimes be a very hard thing to do but some parents want t to make their own parties for their kids stand out from the crowd. If you are just like them then you know it can be pretty frustrating to do the …

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Installation of Industrial Humidification Systems Enhances Productivity

Psychological research has recently shown that working conditions have a profound effect on the performance of workers. High humidity inhibits loaded physical work while low temperatures badly severe fine motor movements. In this era of high industrial competition; industrial humidification systems become a necessity especially when heavy machineries and apparatus …

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4 Smart Tricks To Travel All Over Singapore

Singapore excites with its exotic mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures. The city-state makes visitors feel comfortable with its clean and well-ordered environment, regulated by government edicts. If you feel like walking to most of the tourist destinations, stay around Marina Bay or Orchard Road. If you prefer more …

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