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Tuesday , January 16 2018

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Are you a sportsperson? You need this wonder bottle in your kit

Your sports bag is incomplete with an excellent pain relief spray bottle. It helps you keep the pain at bay and achieve your personal milestones every day.

We watch athletes on the top of their game, winning matches and bringing glory to themselves and their countries. We see the smiles and tears, but we don’t see the tremendous amount of effort that makes victory possible. What the world sees is probably 2% of a sportsperson’s life – nobody sees the grit, the constant motivation and the constant challenges that being a sportsperson entails.

Sportspersons are prone to many injuries!

Those who play sports or are engaged in vigorous exercise every day are vulnerable to a lot of muscle fatigue and pain. Every successive minute spent in practice puts increasing pressure on the muscles and joints to perform at peak levels. As such, every sportsperson needs to be in top physical condition to be able to perform at the highest levels of their sport.

Pain and fatigue are constant factors in every athlete’s life, whatever sport they may be engaged in. With regular practice, the right food and several hours spent perfecting their sport, sportspersons are able to build strong bodies and get ahead of the stress and pain. But as strong and developed as one’s muscles may be, they are still prone to swelling, inflammation, tears and spasms. In fact, the more fatigued the muscle, the higher the chances of pain and injuries.

What’s needed – the right food, rest and a pain relief spray

Sportspersons follow a strict diet every single day of their lives. They cannot afford to give in to cravings for junk food and gain weight. At the same time, they must remain hydrated with water and fluids that replace the minerals and electrolytes lost to training and exercise. They cannot afford to indulge in alcohol or substance abuse if they are to maintain their peak physical condition.

Nutritious food provides the right amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and sugars so that the muscles become stronger and resistant to fatigue and injury. In fact, the right diet can help aid muscle loss recovery much faster than anything else can.

Sportspersons also need to sleep for at least eight hours every night, so that their bodies can recover from the day’s stresses and be ready to spring back into action the next day. No late nights and parties for sportspersons (who said being an athlete was easy?) and certainly no break in routines. Most athletes are up very early in the morning to train, and they go to sleep early as well.

But they are still vulnerable to exhaustion and muscle pain. They can experience pain when they work out at the gym, or when they jog to warm up. Many times, the pain is experienced after they stop training for the day. There cannot be a sports physiotherapist on call at every minute. So sportspersons must carry the best pain relief sprays in their bags. It is every athlete’s first line of defence against pain, inflammation and fatigue. Often, the spray keeps the pain away long enough for the athlete to hobble to a doctor and seek medical attention.

The best pain relief sprays are quickly absorbed by the skin and they penetrate deep into the painful tissues to start the process of healing. They are often the best arsenal in the sportsperson’s kit – to keep pain at bay, and allow athletes to achieve their dreams!

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