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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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All You Need To Know About Wooden Windows

Window is a very important part of any room or house. A window is basically installed for ventilation of the house, but the windows also play a very vital role in giving your house a nice look. Windows are an important part of interior designing of your house.

There are a variety of windows available in the market. Windows can be made up of different materials like steel, iron, metal alloys, wood, etc. Many people prefer wooden windows in their house for various reasons. If you wish to install wooden windows at your place, you should opt for the best manufacturer. The production of wooden windows by Langų gama, UAB is said to be the best quality available in the neighbourhood.

Types of windows

There are many designs and types in which windows can be prepared. As per the requirement, windows can be of various types like Sliding wooden window, Single door wooden window, Double hung window, Hopper windows, Tilt and turn windows, Bay windows, arched windows, Gothic windows, etc. All these types of windows can be made with wood. Just decide on the quality of wood you would prefer and the design can be made.

Benefits of wooden windows

  • People choose wooden windows because of aesthetics these windows give to the house. Wood help in giving your house the antique and royal look you would love. Wooden windows, if polished and maintained properly, would stand for a long time.
  • We all know that wood is a bad conductor of heat. So, wooden windows make a perfect insulator of heat for your house. Wood is a better insulator than steel or aluminium. Insulation property of help to keep your house warm in winters and cool in summer season.
  • Wood is expensive than any other material, but, wood lasts longer as compared to other materials, thus reducing the costing over all.
  • Another advantage of the wooden window is that does not expand too much. Therefore these windows require very less maintenance as compared to other materials. And most obvious is that wood will never rust.

Drawbacks of wooden windows

There are a few drawbacks of this material which if kept in mind can be handled easily.

  • Termites are the worst enemies of wood. Other than termites, there are many other insects which might get attracted towards wood and damage it. So, it is required to take care of these enemies a lot.
  • It is compulsory to paint or varnish wood. If you do not, wood will start looking older than its actual age. Unpainted windows might swell which will be difficult to close and open.
  • The initial cost of wooden window panels is on the higher end.


Wooden windows do add a gracious look to your house, but you need to take care of the wood if you wish to keep the windows robust for long. Though the initial cot may be heavy, but low maintenance of wood makes it the best choice for window material of all the time.

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