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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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Salon Advertising

All about Salon Advertising

Advertising about your beauty products and services will help to launch your brand as well as help it grow and reach customers. But marketing and advertising in the right place is what is most important. If you ad fails to reach the targeted audience then your brand will be at a still and won’t grow. Some of the important places to advertise on account of Salon Advertising include-

Right Magazine

Yes it sounds obvious. Your product or service should find its pace in the most popular and demanded magazine by the locals. Yes local magazines are the right place unless your nationalizing your product then you can opt for nationally distributed ones. Publishing your advertisement in irrelevant websites, magazines and newspapers won’t take your product anywhere. It’s always better to narrow down your choices and aim at the target audience. After finalizing, contact the publisher and ask for their Feature schedule. This will have all the places and events where such ads are usually posted.

Negotiate For the Best Deal

It is not worth just advertising once. You need a series of back to back advertisements, then only will your product come to notice, and your marketing will be successful to meet your bargains.

Best Spot for Publishing

Yes this matters a lot. Experts say that it’s always better to ask for a right handed page, because our eyes travel first towards the right side and then only to the left. This may sometime require more cost but it would definitely be worth it. Also it is important which section you are being placed. Always make sure you are in the beauty or lifestyle kind of pages or else you may find yourself landing in a totally unrelated section like business or sports.

Advert Layout

It’s always best to keep the layout simple and nest. Avoid over clutter and make sure there is plenty of white space. Avoid putting in lot of information, using bullet points and all such things. These things confuse the readers and take away the attention. Pictures used should always be of high quality or else they will appear blurred. Spelling mistakes, sloppy and clumsy hand writing all let your advert down giving a bad impression about your salon. Use your salon branding to make your product familiar and increase recognition. Stress on the benefits of the reader and make sure to se words like you and you’re often implying that this is the right choice for them and you are eagerly waiting to serve them. Include a voucher or promo code for your clients. And do not forget your contact details, address and phone number.

Headline Is Important

People generally start reading only if the headline impresses them. Have a catchy yet informative headline to capture the right kind of audience.


Offers and promotional benefits call in more customers than just regular advertising. You can provide some offer and this helps in track the customers to your salon. Make sure not go above your budget or in loss. This will not help. After the client turns up make sure to have a quality standard so that the client returns back the next time.

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