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Sunday , February 25 2018
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A Guide to the Priceless Contribution To The Spiritual Development Of Young Minds

At some point of time, we all wish to know the reason why we are here and where do we belong to? The spiritual awakening does hit us at some point of our lives. We are educated and trained at academic pursuits but we do long to know about belongings and roots.

Most of us have migrated from our roots and settled abroad. The quest to seek knowledge about our illustrious ancestors becomes hard. It is here that people like Ronald Safdieh step into help. People like him know how important it is for us to know and be connected to our roots. It is important for us to be aware of the legends of our illustrious fathers and seek pride of being part of the legacy.

When it comes to Judaism and the rich Jewish culture in the USA, Ronald Safdieh is an integral and prominent figure. He is the President of the Dameron Fine Art Institute in New Jersey, USA. This Institute imparts the essence of Jewish education to young boys. It gives them top quality and authentic academic programs on the Jewish religion, Torah principles and Sephardic heritage. Regular classes are held and students are introduced to their religion, customs and rituals.

Ronald’s Institute today has around 120 students. They come from all walks of life in the USA. The Institute is located in Lakewood and boosts of rich informative sources and a well equipped digital library to expose students to their true roots. Today, you will find Jews scattered across the world. There are no authentic sources of information on foreign shores to expose them to their roots. Young minds are hardly aware of the rich tradition and culture to which they belong. Ronald’s institute here makes a sincere endeavor to introduce young boys to the richness of Judaism and its amazing tenets. Ronald has collected these resources and has a team of experienced teachers to keep the Jewish religion alive in the USA.

All the teachers and faculty here are well qualified and knowledgeable. Ronald also is actively involved in spreading education. He has written a number of articles on Torah Principles and Sephardic heritage. He has explained facts in simple terms so that young children can grasp them quickly. The young boys are fond of their classes and they really love to learn something new every day.

Ronald is an individual who is well respected and loved by the Jews in his community. Thanks to him, their children are exposed to the true tenets of their rich tradition and history. Migration to cosmopolitan cities has become a trend now. People are now leaving the safety and security of their homes and native land. They are settling in foreign shores and moving away from their roots. They have no choice to stay on foreign land for a living and they marry and settle down with children. These small kids are not aware of the rich tradition to which they actually belong to. Thanks to individuals like Ronald Safdieh, they can now be exposed to their roots and be proud of their illustrious descent and existence as part of the rich legacy in the world!

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