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Sunday , February 25 2018
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A Comprehensive Guide on Design of Custom Auto Grilles

Putting the unique type of grille on the hot rod and customizing it is easier than you have ever thought off. An auto grille is one of the most important styling elements of your car. It is the first thing that most of the people notice when your vehicle cruises down the road. Most of the car designers go for the lengths while opting for grilles because they consider it to be more attractive. The auto grilles from the reputed brands have become the icons of the automobiles.  The custom automobile manufacturers have been altering the structure of the grilles for many years. Street rod builders have always stuck themselves with the OEM grilles.

The new generation is embracing the unique grilles. Most of the cars and the trucks have a hybrid design anyway. The custom grilles do a lot of change to your vehicle. They are very easy to install and they bring out the popularity of the car. Most of the grilles come in along with a kit that helps the car owners to install the grilles in the right manner. The kit contains all the hardware parts, instructions, brackets and all the items that are required for the fitting of the grilles. The custom grilles are designed that they can be easily fitted with the car by your own. When picking the right type of grilles, it is quite crucial to buy the item that is perfectly designed for your vehicle. It is obvious that all custom grilles do not fit with your car. There is every custom grill for each of the car.

Popular Types of Custom Grilles

Though, there are several types of custom grilles available in the market, the billet, and the mesh grilles are the most popular. They make about 95% of the grilles available online or at the store.

  • Billet Grilles:

These types of grilles get their name from the material that are used to make them. The billet is the material that is used to make the billet grilles. This grille part can be square, rectangle or round. These grilles are made by the tubing and the C-channels. The solid billet grilles are easily manufactured to match the contours of the vehicle. They do not have the risk of bending that comes with tubing. This type is quite popular these days. They are mainly used in trucks.

  • Mesh Grilles:

The term “mesh grilles” are made with the help of the wire mesh and is quite similar in appearance to the net. The mesh offers a smooth appearance and also has the flatter surface. They are mainly used in the cars and the SUVs. The mesh grilles provide a sporty look to the vehicle. The Chevy Silverado grilles are available in mesh and billet types.

  • Bumper Grilles:

These grilles are additional options that are generally used to fill the opening in the bumper and they are used with the mesh and billet grilles. Some of the cars and the trucks have open area between the bumper and the vehicle’s lower portion. When the car owner adds the bumper grille, it is matched with the mesh and the billet grille.

Hopefully, this content has helped you a lot regarding the various types of grilles and their design. Custom grilles can improve the appearance of the vehicle.

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