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Sunday , February 25 2018
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A Brief Insight to the Success Story of Clinique Laboratories

Today, Clinique Laboratories is a tough name to reckon with in the personal care and beauty industry in the world. It is a brand under the Estee Lauder Company. It manufactures safe and dermatologically tested products for both men and women. Customers who have used these products have testified they are the best products that have worked for their skin or hair. Clinique Laboratories was made a success thanks to the efforts and drive of one man- William Lauder!

William Lauder is the grandson of Estee Lauder, the founder of The Estee Lauder Company. He was responsible for bringing most of the products out into the global arena. He was in charge of the marketing campaigns of the Company. This made him very successful and all the products were able to reach out to the global audience in a short span of time. William’s mother Evelyn Lauder was also involved with Clinique Laboratories. Today, if you wish to seek counsel from the beauty advisors of the Company, you will find they wear the white laboratory coat. This was introduced by Evelyn Lauder for the first time in the world.

In 1998, William Lauder began his stint with Clinique Laboratories as President and he was in office till 2001. At the same time, he was looking after another brand of the Estee Lauder Company. He was also in charge of creating the brand Origins in 1990 and looked after the Field Sales of Prescriptives- another brand under The Estee Lauder Company for two years.  When he was with Clinique Laboratories, he was the main person to make the “Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion” the best selling prestige beauty product in the USA.

This was of course a very significant milestone for the brand and The Estee Lauder Company. William Lauder did not rest on his laurels here. He was determined to make other products an international success as well. It was not before long that the next product of Clinique Laboratories- the anti-aging serum came into the arena for people who wished to fight the signs of old age. This product again went on to become an international hit.

William Lauder was a man who was passionately involved in the marketing campaigns of all the brands he controlled under The Estee Lauder Company. All these specialty brands transcended national barriers and went on to become top international best sellers for people all over the world thanks to him!

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