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Thursday , January 18 2018

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8 Must-Have Marketing Extensions For Your Woocommerce Store

One of the prime needs of an e-commerce site is effective marketing. An e-commerce site which is not marketed well faces the possibility of low traffic and consequent failure. This makes it vital for an e-commerce venture to employ an effective marketing strategy and deploy functionalities which aid the strategy. For a Woocommerce store, these functionalities come in the form of marketing extensions, which can be easily deployed by the professionals who performed a WordPress Woocommerce Integration for your venture . Let us look at some of the popular ones which you can choose to deploy in your store:

Follow Up: The extension aids your e-mail marketing campaign by letting you send automated e-mails to customers post their purchase, track customer response to e-mails, and schedule or suspend your e-mail communications. Additionally, you can also send automatic tweets to your customers thanking them for a purchase.

MailPoet WooCommerce Add On: Different customers want to stay updated about different updates about your store or product. Some may want to keep themselves updated about new products and some may want updates about discounts. You can offer customers the choice to subscribe to the updates of their interest by deploying this extension. It enables subscription options upon check-out.

Affiliate WP: Affiliate marketing is based upon incentivizing customers or affiliates to promote the store’s products through commissions or discounts. This extension allows you to manage your affiliate program and integrates in your store’s dashboard.

Product Reviews: Positive product reviews stand as social proof. And thus, every online customer looks for a product’s reviews while deciding upon a purchase. With this extension, you can add standard-level reviewing capabilities to your store.

Yoast WooCommerce SEO: This plugin seamlessly integrates the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin and the Woocommerce plugin, thereby letting you tap the power of Yoast SEO for your Woocommerce store. It additionally offers a few SEO features such as structuring the XML sitemap right, and letting you use breadcrumbs from Yoast SEO.

Improvely: The extension gives a measurement of social media marketing and SEO of your store. It further, tracks the cost, revenue and profits of all your online marketing efforts. Using its measurements, you can tweak your online marketing strategy accordingly.

AddShoppers: The extension offers twelve applications categorized into add analytics, add social, add targeting and add referrals. Some of the applications which are significant to marketing are:

  • Add Smart Buttons: provides social sharing buttons for your store’s products
  • Refer-a-friend: allows you to create referral marketing campaigns
  • Behavioural Targeting: offer product suggestions on the basis of customer behaviour
  • Smart web retargeting: retarget customers with ads across the internet
  • Facebook Retargeting: uses social data to retarget customers with ads on Facebook

Out of the above applications, add smart buttons application is free while the rest require payment

WooCommerce Instagram: Product promotion by showcasing photos of buyers using the product is an oft-used marketing trick. With this extension you can showcase such photos directly in your store. All you need to have is an active Instagram account wherein you post your product’s pics and deploy this extension on your store with the help of a Woocommerce developer in Indiaor elsewhere. The extension will pull your Instagram photos into your store’s content area.

Marketing your e-store requires a mix of efforts, strategy, and the right tools. The above-mentioned extensions serve as effective marketing tools. These can be deployed any time during or after Woocommerce store development. So, whether your store is already built or you plan to build one, you can take your pick and boost sales.

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