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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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6 Things to Leave Behind When Entering Rehab for Women

Entering a women’s recovery center is a big step for those who are serious about kicking their drug and/or alcohol habit. As such, it is expected you only bring the essentials – you, a few comfortable clothes and walking shoes, the medications you have been taking, your medical records, a picture or two of your loved ones, basic non-alcohol-based toiletries, and some cash to tide you over.

You will need to bring your medications and medical records so the team of medical professionals and substance abuse counselors at the center can review what you have been taking for whatever medical condition you have, how you have been living, and to determine if there were any contraindications with your medicines. You will also go through extensive physical and psychiatric tests to determine the best-individualized rehab for women program for you.

Apart from those essentials, you will be required to leave the following six things behind for obvious reasons:

  1. Drugs and alcohol. Leave behind anything that is alcohol-based, for it defeats the whole reason why you’re there – to get into rehab.
  2. Sharp objects or weapons. You will be searched as you enter the center for sharp objects and/or weapons. You must leave them behind.
  3. Electronic gadgets. You have gone into a self-recovery program and must focus on it, thus, no electronic gadgets for distractions.
  4. Expensive items and cash. You must be focused on your complete recovery, and not focus on protecting your possessions.
  5. Revealing outfits. Bring the most comfortable clothes like sweatshirts, sweatpants, and comfortable shoes for the program you will be in.
  6. People who got you into it in the first place. The most important thing to leave behind


People focus too much on items to bring or leave behind, but you must leave behind the people who caused you harm in the first place – the people who got you addicted, who supplied you with the drugs and alcohol you didn’t need. You must completely forget these people and have nothing to do with them, ever again. When you succeed in your rehab, you must avoid their presence or company for they may get you right back into your addiction again.

Turn a New Leaf Over for Yourself.

Live elsewhere afterward. Create a new life for yourself, your friends, and your family, but never re-connect with these destructive people ever again. You will leave anything and everything that is mind-altering and self-destructive, for when you go to a women’s recovery center, you are aspiring to find yourself all over again.

Give yourself time to heal and to recover. Focus on your well-being. You know you can do it. You and your family and friends have gone through so much suffering. Please aim to recover fully so you can be trusted by those who care for you and so that you may trust again as well.

The Road to Recovery is Slow and Has Many Challenges and Pitfalls.

You will need an extra dose of courage and conviction, as well as focus and discipline. Anything that will deter or derail you from such must be left behind. Let go of such things that don’t care for you, or have abused you. Bring only the stuff necessary for your treatment. Bring an extra dose of commitment so you can go through the alcohol and substance abuse recovery program with flying colors.

You can do it for this is your life and you must live it the best way you can.

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