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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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6 Questions That Can Help You Choose The Ideal Platform For Your Online Store

With the emergence of an umpteen number of ecommerce website developmentplatforms, it has become quite a difficult task for e-commerce entrepreneurs to select the most suitable platform for their e-commerce needs. By ascertaining a mix of questions such as one’s own needs and attributes of an e-commerce platform, one can decide upon the perfect e-commerce platform for their online store.

Let us look at the top 6 questions about an e-commerce platform that can help you choose an ideal platform for your e-commerce needs:

Is the platform secure?

Security is the most important aspect of any e-commerce platform as compromised security can lead to losses in terms of the venture’s revenues and trust in the market, both. A platform must ideally offer PCI compliance and release security patches regularly, in order to be a secure e-commerce platform.

How much customizability does the platform offer?

While selecting a platform on the basis of the extent of customization it offers, it is worthy to note that an open-source e-commerce solution can be customized to a greater extent than a licensed or a SaaS e-commerce solution. Additionally, in order to select the most customizable option among open-source platforms, you must consider the variety of add-ons a platform offers.

How does the platform fare in terms of SEO features?

Considering the fact that more than 40% of online purchases begin with an online search, it is extremely important for your online store to be SEO friendly. One of the important attributes that make a store SEO friendly are the SEO features of the e-commerce platform in use. So, while selecting an e-commerce platform, you must make sure that the platform offers significant SEO enhancing features either in the form of its core features or add-ons, which can be easily installed by a team rendering e-commerce development services. Significant SEO features to look out for include auto generation of XML sitemap, independent navigation links, independent H1 headings, image ALT text, canonical URLs, and social sharing buttons.

Can the platform be integrated with other software solutions?

Integrations of your e-commerce website with different software solutions can favor your venture in terms of efficiency and marketing. For instance, an integration of an Enterprise Resource Planning software serves towards better customer service and more productivity while an integration of a blog or an email marketing tool can help you achieve better marketing of your store. So, if you wish to integrate your store with the available choices of software solutions at this point of time or have plans to do so in the future, make sure the platform you choose provides the functionality for such integrations. Any of these integrations can be made possible by an e-commerce development company.

How does the platform fare in terms of scalability and performance?

Scaling up is a goal of every business. For an e-commerce business, scaling up is achievable only if their platform can scale easily without compromising on store performance. Therefore, while choosing an e-commerce platform, make sure its database is scalable. Additionally, make sure that the platform offers significant performance enhancing features or/and add-ons.

Does the platform offer multilingual and multi-currency support?

This question is an important one for ventures wanting to make a store for multilingual and/or international customers. Every platform provides a list of languages and currencies it supports. Make sure you check those and select the platform that meets your language and currency requirements.

By considering the above-mentioned aspects of an e-commerce platform and your venture’s goals, you as a venture can select the ideal e-commerce platform for your online store.

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