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Tuesday , January 16 2018

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6 Features That Your WordPress Theme Must Have

After having chosen WordPress for building your website, you must now begin with one of the initial stages of development- which is, choosing a WordPress theme. A WordPress theme resembles more than how your website looks. It can influence website speed, search engine rankings, security and the functionalities your website offers. This calls website owners to choose a theme with care as an unsuitable theme is a certainty for website failure. Let us see what are some of the features that your WordPress theme must have:

The Ideal Design Attributes

A theme must offer design attributes that match your requirement and, additionally, must have the choicest of trending attributes. Some of the trendiest design attributes that you must look out for are:

  1. Negative Space: Negative space refers to space that is devoid of any elements. More of it clears the clutter and enhances the look of other elements effectively.
  2. Bigger Space For Images : Stellar images make an impressive component in WordPress website design.So, a theme must provide considerable space for images.
  3. Flat Design: Flat design is an expression of minimalism which relies on a minimal use adornment. It employs flat colours and no usage of gradients or texture.
  4. Bold Typography: Bold letters in a website create an effective impact on visitors. Ensure that a theme offers the use of some of the choicest of bold fonts.
  5. Hamburger & Hidden Menu: The hamburger and hidden menu have come off to be more popular menus than traditional menus.

Support To Relevant Plugins

There is a WordPress plugin for every functionality. To tap the full power of plugins, you must ensure that your theme supports the plugins you require. If you are unsure if a plugin is supported by your chosen theme, ask the theme developer.

Search Engine Optimization

Though many theme developers mention that their theme is SEO friendly, but that may not really be the case. To ensure that a theme is optimized for SEO, you must use an SEO checking extension that can run quick SEO checks on the demo of a theme.


A theme’s security depends on how regularly it is updated. It is worthy to note that premium themes are the most regularly updated themes, but it is highly probable that their high price deters you from using them. Nonetheless, you can choose from the variety of free themes that are available and check how regularly are they updated. Additionally, you can check out the reviews and ratings of a free theme to gauge how trustworthy it is.


Quality support provided by a theme developer plays a pivotal role when you mess up with your theme. Generally, themes that offer support, offer it for a minimum span of one year. If you can get a well-supported theme, that’ll be great but if not, you can always avail the help of an experienced WordPress Developer in India or elsewhere.


Your website visitors could be suffering from some disability. If your theme offers adequate accessibility features, you can easily provide all kinds of users with an optimum user experience.

After ensuring that your chosen theme adheres to the above-mentioned features, you can confidently hand over your selected theme for customization to aWordpress Designing Company in India.

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