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Sunday , February 25 2018
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5 ways to make your business greener

Turning to green way of doing business is not merely the newest fad that will be gone by the end of season. It is a legitimate movement that’s permeating all spheres of life at the increasing pace. On the other hand, this is also a handy means to cut down the operating costs and introduce some healthy and positive changes. We present you the top five tips for obtaining the ultimate green status.

  1. Company culture and human resources

Where better to start than from the core of your company – your employees. Make a green mindset part of the culture you nurture in your company. Share the novel vision with the staff at all levels. Join your forces to design new efficiency objectives and rejoice theirsuccessful completion. Includesavings tracking and think about how your green vision can contribute to both the customers and the community as a whole.

Another part of this story is investing in well-being of your personnel and conservation of their energy. Much like they did in many Swedish companies, consider introducing a six-hour workday and have fully energised people through the entire shift. A healthy, happy and engaged team will thrive and show improved results. Serving raw organic food at meetings will affect their mental sharpness and boost the brain function.


  1. Eco makeover of the office

Begin by swapping of the regular light bulbs with some energy-efficient overhead LED lights. This type of illumination is characterised by the most powerful beam, reduction of energy use by 75% (compared to standard bulbs) and cool quality. This mercury and toxic-free solution is somewhat pricier, but it certainly pays off in the longer run.

Now, let’s deal with the mounds of plastic that gets piled up on the premises, whether it’s water jugs or individual plastic bottles. Step up with introduction of the water filtration system and ditch the need to add to the recycle piles.

  1. Get involved and turn to eco-conscious vendors and accessories

When choosing the providers of the necessary supplies and services for your firm, pick the ones with a solid history of adhering to the sustainability guidelines. Conduct thorough interviews with them to get a better picture of their efforts. For example, favour the vendors that use recycled paper in printing, hybrid vehicles and have minimal carbon footprint.

Tend to select the recycled goods, and resort to reuse whenever it’s applicable. Coordinate the community gatherings and present your company as the real green deal. When it comes to white paper and the related paraphernalia, it’s wise to advertise as an eco-conscious company by presenting little perks and corporate gifts for the partners and employees in the non woven bags and show how you’re committed to the green practice.

  1. Assist in fundraising events and support the green movement

Cause-oriented events are mighty image boosters and quite useful for nurturing of the positive public relations. Of course, it’s an immense accomplishment to spread a meaningful idea that’s concerned with our Earth as a whole. For instance, you can organise these programmes annually, and discuss the potential activities, such as tree planting or sustainable schooling. Don’t push the cause “just because”, but pick the one you feel strongly for and people will notice.

  1. Wrap it up with nature-friendly cleaning methods

And after the event, how to return the place into a clean, ship-shape order? Although most of us enjoy the refreshing scent that lingers after a sweep-up, the truth is that these fragrances are toxic and rather harmful to the environment and humans as well. Thankfully, the market is now richer than ever with organic lines, so you can upgrade your cabinets with natural soaps and all-purpose solutions.

Apart from being a legitimate, far-reaching concept our planet desperately needs, green movement is both economical and noble. Check our five suggestions for a faster transition.

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