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Sunday , February 25 2018
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Brain Function

5 Ways to Improve Brain Function for Career Advancement

If you are looking to make a career change for a better advancement opportunity, your mind has to be in the right place. Your brain has to be functioning at its optimum ability. For this to happen, you should use these tactics, and a little help from to ensure that you are ready for new mental challenges. During the interview process, it is better to be able to answer difficult questions quickly as it shows that you are a quick thinker and efficient problem solver.

Supplemental Boosts

Supplemental boosts, especially those that contain a small amount of caffeine, can be beneficial. Combination supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids are ideal. Protein and natural focus boosting supplements will help keep your brain alert, able to comprehend and able to think quicker.

Increasing your Personal Demand through Education

Consider learning new tasks to increase your personal demand to potential employers. Certifications and class completion certificates are attractive to employers. When you continue your education for your career, it does help your overall brain function. You are taking in new information and must be able to retain it. In order to do so, give yourself quizzes to ensure that you are comprehending what is being read. Work with a few classmates or coworkers to randomly ask you questions regarding your newly learned information as well.

Take on a Second Language

Learning a new language helps your brain function and thinking processes by forcing instant translations in your mind. It also makes you more desirable for positions with an employer of higher ranking status. It is important to learn a second language that pertains directly to the connections that your employer has so that you will be able to communicate with them.

This is something that can be done afterhours using simple audio tapes, online lessons or through a foreign language tutor. The faster you are able to translate your native language to the second and vice versa, the sharper your mind will be overall.

Use Creativity to Brain Storm Business Solutions

Rather than using the same processes that have been used forever in your industry, get creative. If you want to advance in your career, you have to be able to think outside-the-box and quickly. When you are due for a promotion or are applying for positions with more responsibility, the ability to come up with new solutions for the company’s processes and methods is ideal. Any way that a company can become more efficient and save money, it is likely to hear your plan and put it into motion.

Use Simple Brain Exercises for Complex Problem Solving

While having your morning coffee, use your laptop, smartphone or tablet to complete age-related brain exercises. It helps you solve complex problems in a more logical manner. It also gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself in preparation for a major career advancement.

A sharp mind is attractive when you plan to advance your career to the next level. Managing others and having more responsibility is taxing on the mind, and it must be kept healthy in order for it to function quickly and rationally.

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