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Thursday , January 18 2018

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5 Home Improvement Hacks Every Home Owner Should Know

Homeowners have gotten creative when it comes to spending money on home improvements. There are dozens of ways that you can take an alternative approach to making your home updated and more efficient. These simple hacks will save you both time and money.

Store Paint Brushes in the Fridge

When you are just too tired to continue painting, wrap brushes and rollers in plastic wrap. Then, place them in the refrigerator. This will prevent the paint from drying and ruining your painting supplies.

About 2 hours before you plan to start again the next day, take the brushes and rollers out of the fridge to warm up and become pliable again. This hack gives you about 24 hours from the time you stopped painting the day before to pick the project back up without having to clean or ruin supplies.

Apply Window Tint for Energy Cost Savings

Rather than purchasing expensive UV blocking window treatments for every room of your home, consider window tint instead. It is a more cost-effective option. It also prevents the inside of your home from being viewable from the road. It adds a sense of privacy while keeping the sun from blinding you inside.

The process requires precise cuts and patience.

Update Fixtures and Hardware with Spray Paint

You may become inspired in the most unexpected places with ideas for updating fixtures and hardware in your home. Displays and innovative exhibition stands can bring inspiration as far as color, tone or shape to make the fixtures and hardware in your home pop. One of the benefits is that you can achieve a simple color change with spray paint. Use a clear coat spray paint over the top to preserve the look and make the item cleanable.

Patching Carpets

If there is a small patch of carpet that has frayed, become stained or ripped, it is easy to fix without having to purchase new carpet for the whole space. All that you have to do is go into a closet with matching carpet and cut a piece from the corner that fits the area that requires patching. Cut out the rest of the damaged area. Use double sided carpet tape to secure the new piece in place.

Sewing in the new piece adds more durability to the patch and helps keep it in place.

Hair-Free Drain Shortcut

Having to call a plumber to unclog bathroom drains from hair can get costly. You can make a simple device with a few items you might have laying around the house that will catch hair before it goes through the plumbing system. Use a metal coat hanger. Straighten it and leave the hook intact. Cut it in half and then in half again. Make a “T” at the top and attach the straight pieces to fit down the drain with a little hook to catch the hair.

These simple home improvement hacks save money and make your home look like you spent a lot on a contractor. Instead of using store-bought painting tarps, save newspaper and use a couple of layers just around the baseboards to catch drips or accidental spills. Some of these hacks you will spend zero money to complete.

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