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Tuesday , January 16 2018

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4 Types of Prosthetics You Should Know

The recent technological breakthrough has enabled different sectors to register a huge change for the betterment of humans. The medical industry is undergoing significant revolutionary changes that have allowed patients to have a chance of enjoying life. Physical disability is known to inhibit one’s way of living life and the regular daily activities not undertaken as usual. Prosthetics are the latest artificial devices that are manufactured to replace the injured body parts. A patient can wear them outside the body or have them surgically implanted into the body depending on the injury or disease position. There are various types of prosthetics an individual should know.

Joint Prosthetics

Damaged joints cause’ severe pain and decreases the chances of movement for an individual. With time, cartilage wears down and ultimately causes bones to rub against each other. It is then accompanied by pain. Prosthetics are basically used to replace the damaged joints. Ball and socket joints are responsible for movements in various joints in the body. The hip and shoulder are replaced by plastic lined device and attached to the pelvis to form a new joint.

Arm Prosthetics

Missing and damaged limbs have a chance of being replaced by prosthetics. Below the elbow joint lies the prosthetics, trans-radial. Transhumeral prosthetics are attached to the upper arm and Myoelectric is an electrically controlled signal from the brain. Muscle movements send a message to the brain to move the elbow joint in either a closed or open position.

Leg Prosthesis

There are two types of a leg prosthesis, transtibial and transfemoral. The former is used to replace the missing knee. Transfemoral prosthetics is attached to the high thigh. Individual’s body structure, occupations and ultimately the person’s financial position will decide which leg prosthetics will be provided. The foot ankle combination, shank, and socket. The ankle is the foundation of support for walking and standing. The device enables pressure to distribute adequately on the remaining leg.

Cosmetic Prosthesis

It aims at giving an individual a chance of having a beautiful and normal body appearance. The loss of body part may cause one to lose self-esteem and courage to interact with other people. Various daily activities are inhibited and further sports and career objectives are derailed due to injuries and missing body parts. Artificial parts are fixed to the injured part, and the patient is given a chance of enjoying life like other people. Traumatic exposure is further evaded with the availability of prosthesis.

Types of Prosthetic Legs

Losing a body part is a great challenge that poses untold suffering to the victim. Traumatic events accompany this loss. Psychological complications are some of the expected outcomes to an individual. This challenging situation results in the loss of ability to cope with various daily undertakings. Ability to run and walk is tampered with, and more so the personal appearance is not well taken care of.

Despite these challenges, there are prosthetic limbs that have been developing to ensure the victim is awarded another chance of experiencing a good life. Patients have recovered from the previous leg deformation. Socket development is one of the type of prosthetic that attaches to the remaining limb. The C-Leg which maximizes the use of microprocessor and a lithium ion battery to imitate the movements of the knee and develop a dynamic gait for the amputee.

A prosthetic foot is a focus that aims at providing a sustainable solution to limb problems. Life changing capabilities are restored through censored technology improvements and a chance to experience a proper mobility by the patients. Various prosthetic foot items have been developed to restore a normal life working condition for the affected.

Prosthetic arms is another dynamic technology improvement that has seen the medical industry prosper in a big way. New discoveries have transformed the artificial limbs into a desirable treatment for the arm related complications.

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