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Wednesday , December 13 2017

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4 Tips for Choosing Swindon Serviced Office Space

Many businesses decide to take advantage of the benefits of serviced office space, especially in Swindon. Renting a serviced office provides all you need to run your business in one convenient package, but you also get the flexibility of being able to rent an office without having to enter into a long rental agreement or a complicated contract. Many Swindon serviced office spaces are ready for you to move in right away. If you have decided on a serviced office in Swindon, here are a few tips for picking the best premises for your needs.

  1. What’s Your Top Rent?

You need to have a budget before you start looking. When you search for property without a clear upper figure in mind it is easier to get side-tracked by an attractive place you cannot really afford. Of course you need to offset rent with the space you get, and work out what you need in an office and how you are going to find that within the budget you have. Be aware that rock bottom rents often come with a catch – sometimes the quality is not what you would expect. Don’t believe that you can rent somewhere in Swindon so cheaply without sacrificing the quality of the surroundings. Remember that your office is an investment and you will have to put some money into it.

  1. Set up Some Quality Viewings

You need around four or possibly five options per day to view – any more than this and you risk burnout and missing what could potentially be the office of your dreams. Plus, seeing too many is a waste of time. If you go through an agent, be sure they are tailoring their viewings to suit your needs. If you are looking yourself, be firm and don’t see anything you know will ultimately be unsuitable.

  1. Find out what’s included

When looking for a serviced office Swindon offers, be sure to find out exactly what is included in the price. Serviced offices are great because you get things like equipment rental, power, utilities, and other costs included in the rent. It makes it easier to budget and there are no surprises. Find out exactly what you are paying for, and which facilities you can use including meeting rooms, kitchen, secretarial services, phone lines, copying facilities, etc. Often a deal works out more economical than it previously appeared when you consider everything that is included in the cost of the rental.

  1. Look at the Space Itself

It is important to choose an office that suits your style and your purposes. Do you need a brand new office? How important is natural light? Do you want an office with plenty of space for meetings? Define your key criteria and look at offices with these criteria in mind. It is important to consider the overall quality of the space and of the fittings and fixtures because you don’t want to be spending half your time waiting for an engineer to come and fix things that break down.

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